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Module 2 of Mechanical course

Following subjects are discussed and explained in this part of mechanical course.

  • Discussion on Mud Pumps, duplex & Triplex, spares, routine & major maintenance, inspection jobs and clearances maintained
  • Brief on Hoisting System & Components
  • Discussion on Draw Works, clutches used, drives, lubrication & types of draw works AC/DC draw works, type of Brakes Mechanical, Disk / Hydraulic brakes, Elmagco brake, cooling system, Crown saver device, etc.
  • Drawings, draw work assembly, spare parts, routine & major maintenance.
  • Rotary table- Use of rotary table, types of rotary tables, drives used. Routine & major overhauls of rotary tables, Study of drawings and spare parts.


Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016