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Module 1 of Mechanical Course

Module 1 covers all the basic knowledge required for Mechanic such as getting proficiency in all measurement tools, calculating and converting from inches to millimeter, micron and thou’s, fraction and decibel Mathematics for day today use and following subjects.

  • Lubrication and lubrication methods used on machines.
  • Bearings-Types, Identification, Installations methods, Cause of damages.
  • Gaskets, gland packing's, Oil Seals, Mechanical Seals
  • Use of Measurement tools- Vernier, Micrometer, Filler & Dial gauges
  • Pumps, Centrifugal, Reciprocating, Rotary disassembly & assembly of pumps.
  • Diesel Engines, Air Compressor, scheduled and routine maintenance jobs,
  • Study of drawings, Spare parts and Consumables required


Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016