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Graduate Engineer Development

Training Program Curriculum

The curriculum for this training program requires the trainee to undertake trainings in different levels in order to reach to Assistance Driller Position. The duration of this training is given by consideration of training requirements that the trainee will spend on each position when attending classes and field onsite coaching experience.

Dalma Training Institute will place trainees in each of the rig positions as Roustabout, Floorman, Mud Tester/ Derrick man and Assistant Driller as per the training program. All trainees will work as an integral part of the rig-crew in each position and be treated as employee.

Graduate Engineer Development

15 months training programs for trainees including rig-based hands-on training and classroom-based competency training modules at the institute. Trainees will work on two (2) week schedule of which two (2) weeks at rig site, one (1) week in Training institute in Muscat and one (1) weeks off days or an alternative schedule to be mutually agreed.

This program can be customised or adjusted to meet the training requirement.

Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016