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Electrical course are divided into three module each covering two days classroom trainings. These module are designed to introduce candidate working in drilling industry, as rig electrical technicians.

Participants will be able to demonstrate technical and theoretical knowledge provided on electrical system and equipment`s in drilling industry as follows:

Understanding electrical fundamental systems, electrical symbols, Power generation sources (50 & 60) Hz, Rig electrical equipment`s such as transformer, Draw work or magnetic brake system (Elmargo), Variable frequency drive (VFD TDS type), silicon control rectifier (SCR), Inverter & Converter. Different type of motor (AC&DC) operation principles and protections. Understanding equipment`s electrical schematic drawing.

After the completion of all three modules successfully, Dalma training institute will issue an electrician certificate delivered and endorsed by International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC DIT)

Level of course:

Module 1 is Introductory, Module 2 is intermediate and module 3 is advanced

Modules 2 & 3 are covering understanding of equipment, electrical drawing, and maintenance procedures etc.

Target Audience:

Electrical Trainees / Electrician

Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016