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Derrick Man &Mud Tester

Derrickman works at height and handle drill-pipe stands during POOH and RIH operations. When tripping is not going on, they normally help the Mud Engineer with recording and maintenance of mud parameters like density, viscosity etc. and maintenance/repair of mud pumps. Mud-testers is a unique position on PDO operations and they assist the only Mud Engineer on the drilling rig round-the-clock. Derrickman-Mudtester course has been designed to unravel all the jobs that are carried by Derrickman and Mudtesters on a drilling rig. It includes extra safety measures for working at height, repair and maintenance of mud pumps, working in confined spaces and handling of mud chemicals. Again, it is a 6-day training course divided in to three modules of 2-day each. Each module ends with a post-evaluation test to gauge the level of understanding by the participants.

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