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Assistant Driller

Assistant driller 2



This course is designed for Assistant Driller, who completed successfully Assistant Driller level one course.


This module is designed to provide strengthen knowledge to Derrickman, Mud Tester, RFO and Assistant Driller about and helping them to perform competently and safely in the operations that are carried out on a drilling rig and work environment.

This module is devoted to provide assistant driller a good understanding about two important topics, the first one is related to study of drilling bits and second one is dedicated to different components of drill string (specification & identifications)

Learning objective:

  • To describe types of drilling Bits.
  • To classify and recognize different types of bit as per IADC requirement’s.
  • To ensure dull grading as per IADC rules for Bits after use.
  • To explain Drill Collar & Heavy Weight specification & types
  • To apply correct procedure for care & handling of Drill Pipe


Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016