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Assistant Driller

Assistant driller 1:



This course is designed for Derrickman, Mud tester and Roustabout Foreman, who completed successfully all mandatory junior courses (Roustabout, Floorman & Derrickman courses) and for Assistant Driller who was recently promoted or recruited directly for AD position


This module is designed to discuss basic drilling calculations formulas and introduction to drilling equipment’s technology in order to provide strengthen knowledge to Derrickman, Mud Tester, RFO and Assistant Driller about and helping them to perform competently and safely in the operations that are carried out on a drilling rig and work environment.

Learning objective:

This module is focused on three main topics:

  • Basic & intermediate drilling operations calculations
  • Introduction to geology for petroleum industry.
  • Drilling equipment’s Technology and handling tools.


Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016