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Assistant Driller

Assistant Drillers and Roustabout Foreman are both first crew monitoring on a drilling rig and both perform important operations on the platform.

An assistant driller is responsible of the monitoring and the execution of running operations on the rig and in charge of the preparation in advance of all tools and equipment’s required for upcoming operation, All His tasks should be completed following all safety and operation procedures of the company

AD / RFM course consist of 3 modules of 2 days each in which all critical operations are covered so that both ADs and RFM have clear understanding of their roles on a drilling rig site and better control over the operations under their responsibilities. All courses are approved by IADC DIT and end with a post-assessment test to assess the level of understanding by participants.

After the completion of all three modules successfully, Dalma training institute will issue an Assistant Driller certificate delivered and endorsed by International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC DIT)

Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016