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IDalma Training Institute signed Agreement with Petroleum Development Of Oman to train 60 Omanis Graduates in a Position of Assistant Driller for the duration of 15 Month, training includes both theory and Practical.


IAssistant Driller Training Program official approved by the Ministry of Manpower (15 months training) at the end of the training program, trainee will be issued with a Certificate stamped by the Ministry of Manpower.

New Drilling Fluid Engineer Training programs in hand

In view of excellent performance of ongoing “Drilling Fluid Training Program” PDO awarded another fresh contract of 14 months Mud Engineers training program to DTI, for developing 50 trainees, for various drilling companies operating in Oman like, Abraj, Mud Industries (MI), NDSC, Dalma Energy and Weatherford. A full flashed Mud lab is established in DTI to practically demonstrate and train Mud Engineers to understand their Rig activities. On successful completion of this Mud Engineer training program trainees will work as qualified Mud Engineers with drilling companies to meet ICV program and need of Omani nationals in Oil & Gas sector.

DTI to start HSE Courses soon

DTI has already obtained international accreditations from “IOSH” and approvals of Ministry of manpower of Oman for all its HSE courses. It is now in process of final approval stage with PDO to obtain HSE courses approval.

“Managing safely”- 5 days program, Working Safely – 1 day program for Oil & Gas professionals.

DTI completes 2 years Graduate Training program for Shell Iraq

This was one of the most ambitious contract awarded to DTI by “Shell Iraq” to train 18 candidates right from arranging their visa to conducting training classes, deputing all of them in batches on various Dalma Rigs to undergo “On job and off the job” training. DTI successfully completed this 2 years project in month of April 2016. Our team takes pride in developing Iraqi nationals as Shell employees.

DTI successfully conducted “Stuck pipe”

DTI successfully conducted “Stuck pipe” sessions a PDO approved course for 210 candidates so far, and 38 IWCF sessions for 337 candidates in year 2015, to regain their IWCF certificate & accreditations to work on Oil & gas sector of Oman.

New ongoing PDO sponsored training programs

Apart from all other PDO approved ICV training programs DTI is already running new prestigious ongoing contracts to train diploma & graduates students from different colleges of Oman, to develop them as Derrickman, Electricians, Mechanics and Mud Engineers. All these programs are designed to work “On and off” pattern, with classes during off period at DTI. After the completion of training they will be absorbed as regular employees on various companies. On successful completion of their training shall be eligible to get formal certification form IADC, MOMP and IWCF (for drilling discipline).

DTI news channel on YouTube

Our team has successfully created a separate you tube channel for sharing all the activities and information of DTI, including progress of classes conducted with help of pictures, videos uploaded on this channel for all trainees, and those concerned to view and share live updates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2r8aTt8IdVk

Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016