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TQuality Policy

Quality Policy

Our Vision

To be the leading training institution in the sultanate of Oman in the domain of Drilling, HSE and technical courses striving continuously for excellence in training and technical service.

Our Mission

  • To create and sustain a community of learning in which trainees acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally.
  • To provide knowledge-based on training and competence to satisfy the needs of society and the industry.
  • To help in building national capabilities in the domain of drilling, HSE and technical courses.

Quality Policy

To pursue global and national standards of excellence in all our endeavors training, and continuing training to remain accountable in our core and support individuals, through continuous improvement.

Core Values

In pursuit of its mission DTI will

  • Develop national manpower to serve the nation.
  • Recognize training as a unifying activity.
  • Integrity, creativity and training.
  • Maintain student data high confidential.

Mohammed Al-Esry
General Manager
Dalma Training Institute (DTI) - 2016